Mindfulness originated from ancient Buddhist philosophy and meditation traditions and dates back 2,500 years, and its essence is universal.

Mindfulness is a way of BEING in life that we all have the capacity for. It is the art of living in the present moment with awareness and acceptance. Those are the keys to learning to live life making every moment unique even when it challenges us.
Our mind generates automatically and without realizing its thousands of thoughts, anticipating future situations, reworking the past, even ruminating with ourselves or imprisoning us in painful memories.
We learn to loosen the hooks of our mind by gently moving our attention from those distracting thoughts towards the present moment: the only safe time that we have to live, grow, feel and love.
We begin by calming the mind as we strengthen our sense of consciousness, becoming less reactive and more intuitive. Having a clearer and wiser perspective through a stronger consciousness helps us make better decisions and respond to what life presents us more attuned with our values.
Compassion is cultivated from the heart, whose energy is the only one capable of healing physical and emotional wounds. Bringing loving kindness to each other when we suffer helps keep our “heart soft”, to understand and comfort us in our suffering, as well as our “back strong” so we can get back up sooner.

Mindfulness introduction course (MBSR)

“Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction”

The Introductory course follows the MBSR Program (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), developed and licensed by The University of Massachusetts that has increasingly become a standard reference in Psychology. The scientific evidence of its concrete benefits in treating diverse pathologies; i.e., chronic pain, anxiety disorders, depression and stress is growing exponentially each year. The practice of Mindfulness induces positive affective states, increases well-being and strengthens the immune system responsiveness.

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Mindfulness and Personal Development

After the Mindfulness Initial course, many participants want to advance in their practice and cultivate meditation and the constructive attitudes that nurture it.

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In Mindfulness and Personal Development

This course is for people who have taken the MBSR Intial and Advanced course. We deepen inside ourselves to improve our well-being and the well-being of those around us.

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Training in Companies

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The courses I have taken at Psyke have been a facilitator in my personal progress. Thaïs, as a professional, guides, explains and helps so that progress can be achieved and does so in a close, clear, natural way and away from paternalism, an attitude that has been essential for me to be able to understand and take responsibility for my life. I recommend the courses to those who really want to work on themselves, they open your mind and allow you to get to know yourself better.


First of all, I would like to thank Thais for everything I have learned over the years. Learning to manage my emotions on a day-to-day basis has been essential for me, thanks to the tools she has provided us.
It wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t practice Mindfulness.
I highly recommend it!!!!


Excellent professional and better person. I have had the great fortune of being one of her students and seeing the passion she puts into everything she does.


After more than 5 years participating in courses in Psyke, achieving several Mindfulness certificates, along with my psychology degree, I have to tell you that the most important accomplishment is what they have contributed to me personally. So much so, that I will continue learning as an eternal student.


Interesting courses applicable to daily life that are developed in group, which provides different enriching experiences and support. I also thank Thaïs for answering questions about the practice and appropriate meditations. A friend recommended it to me and I highly recommend it.


A little over two years ago I started at Psyke with the Mindfulness Initiation Course (MBSR Program), then came Radical Acceptance, Cultivating Healthy Self-esteem… I only have words of gratitude to Thaïs for the way she organizes, transmits and communicates in her classes. For me there has been a before and after since I began this practice. Many thanks Thaïs for helping us on this journey.