Psyke has been adapted from the Greek psyche, which means “soul” and the word Psychology means Science of the soul.
This is how this space was born, deep from the soul, for Healthy Personal Development and Growth.
Psyke is a concept that balances these two complementary dimensions: Science and Soul.


Centro de Psicología is a space that reflects the spirit of Psyke. It is a warm place with a cosy atmosphere. It is a refuge where we learn the value of the present moment and find ourselves in stillness.

In this space, we provide zafu cushions and mats that will help you to adopt an ideal posture and to meditate comfortably and the natural wood floor connects us with the earth.

We provide an individualized experience, through a humanistic relationship with our participants. We approach therapy and mindfulness training as a guide, adapted to each person on his or her personal recovery process.

Our purpose is to support individuals in their conscious evolution, generating stability, psychological well-being, personal and professional growth.

collaborates with Scientific Research at the University

Psyke collaborates with Scientific Research at the University of Valencia and the University of Zaragoza.

Psyke Community

Over 1,000 people have attended our courses and are already part of the “Psyke Community”.

MBSR course certificates

Psyke issues MBSR course certificates necessary to become an instructor.

Code of Ethics and the requirements of the Data Protection Law

It complies with the Code of Ethics and the requirements of the Data Protection Law.

Psyke community


We feel your commitment and we want it to be mutual.

Our intention is to promote a community that learns together and can therefore feel enriched by each other. It is why we place at your disposal all the necessary resources to help you to maintain your practice.

The guided meditations from our courses will always be available on this site to support your daily practice.

A weekly article on our blog “Mindful Monday in Psyke” will remind us to keep living our lives mindfully aware and awake.

Also, on the annual Mindful Walk day on the Turia River gardens, we will experience a mindful tour that will encourage us to feel nature with our five senses, as well as other specific activities that help keep Psyke spirits and energy alive.

We wish to thank the “Psyke Community” for all their presence and support generated and consolidated over the years.

Our meetings and talks encourage and motivate us to remain connected and united, especially in times of difficulty.



Our patients’ needs and well-being is most important for us. Interaction and listening take place in a framework of respect, dignity, confidentiality, loyalty, and support.
The evolution of the patient/student is optimized by means of empirically-proven and constantly updated therapies.

Our work is individualized. We analyze each demand, taking into account the peculiarities, strengths and weaknesses of the patient/student and the current context in which we move. We always try to transmit presence and welcoming through empathetic listening. Thus, the interest in the evolution of the individual is ensured throughout the psycho-educational therapeutic process. It is a committed accompaniment.


The professional code of conduct and ethical principles are maintained in accordance with ethical and social standards in activities related to clinical and training practice as well as complying with the Data Protection requirements.


We are committed to provide an enriching, productive and authentic work environment, fundamental for all therapy processes.
An honest, complete, safe and genuine supportive bond is established with each patient, so that the patient/student feels the necessary confidence to share any experienced situation with transparency and confidentiality.


Quality is both the goal and our guide.
The success in the therapy process is enhanced through the warmth and connectedness in every session; the effectiveness and efficiency are oriented towards excellence.


Learning is a constant at Psyke. Keeping updated with the latest researches and knowledge guarantees being able to offer the best techniques and treatments for our patients and students.


We value and help others to appreciate what life offers us by distancing ourselves from our shortcomings. From a humble perspective, we appreciate the small events in life and recognize the value of our work well-done.